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Our Retro Vintage-styled luxury travel trailers are inspired by the iconic designs of the mid-20th century, evoking a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

– James West

A Journey into Timeless Elegance

teardrop kitchen

From the sleek curved lines to the polished aluminum exteriors, every inch exudes classic sophistication. The carefully selected color palettes and vintage-inspired accents add a touch of nostalgia, making these trailers a true head-turner wherever you go.

Modern Comfort with a classic appeal.  While our luxury trailers pay homage to the past, we believe in blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary amenities.


Our Portfolio

surfer's paradise trailer

Surfer’s Paradise

Step back to the 60’s in our California surf life themed trailer. Inspired by the golden era of beach culture and thrill of catching waves we present our trailer filled with nods to surf adventure with a real woody exterior body on polished aluminum and retro color scheme and interior finishes that instantly transport you to easy California living. Luxury details of woven grass cloth cabinet panels, real tiki mask wall sconces, rich leather in soft sand tones and a fireplace that pays homage to cozy beachside living.  We carefully curated our interiors to be of the highest quality and elegant taste not found in other RV’s filled with many luxury features all in a small convenient easy to tow and stow trailer.



the aviator travel trailer


Step back to the 40’s in our vintage fighter plane themed trailer. Inspired by the events of the time and romance of the golden age of flight  we pay homage to the brave men and women fighting for freedom in the skies. The exterior boasts an iconic hand painted shark’s mouth detail on a riveted polished aluminum body. The luxurious interior is filled with nods to aircraft details, lighting and amazing lit ceiling panels that look exactly like the sky, real leather, rich walnut cabinetry, a fireplace and decor. It fuels your imagination of what it meant to be a pilot that ruled the skies. Simply a real head turner and delight for any military service member or anyone who appreciates them.

rock-a-billy travel trailer


Step back to the 50’s in our nostalgic rock and roll themed trailer. Inspired by the style and spirit of growing up in an age of leather jackets, greased hair and music that moved, influenced, and defined you. We present our retro trailer filled with nods to the Rockabilly culture with the polished alunimum exterior and red chromed guitar details and trim. The interior is chalked full of details including a scaled down victrola jukebox to play your favorite 50’s music, cabinetry and details include vintage guitar-amp fabric trim, real leather, tiger maple wood used in guitar bodies and custom wall sconce lighting to delight the inner greaser or pin up in you. It’s all about the music to transport you back to the times that defined this generation or to those who appreciate this amazing decade.


speak easy travel trailer

Speak Easy

Step back to the 30’s in our glamorous prohibition-themed trailer. Inspired by the clandestine speakeasy and glamour of the art deco era we present our trailer. Filled with nods to elegance with a polished aluminum exterior and gold-colored trim details. The interior boasts decorative ceiling tiles, rich leathers, metal accents and lighting popular in art deco and the coolest feature being an actual hidden lighted whiskey bar that pops up electronically from behind the fireplace to appeal to any connoisseur of fine liquors. The cabinetry is finished in materials inspired by whiskey barrels, a gold sink and vintage hardware. It’s pays homage to the elegance that defined this well-known period in history.

Special Features

Our hand-crafted trailers are fully outfitted so you will be camping in comfort the very next day. No emailing back and forth for weeks or months discussing features and price quotes, our trailers come fully equipped with all the essentials you need for an amazing camping experience such as:

Sink into the Retro Lifestyle

Owning a unique, vintage-styled travel trailer like Surfer’s Paradise, Rockabilly, The Aviator or The Speak Easy is a head-turning experience that sparks conversations wherever you go. With its retro-chic design, luxurious amenities, and spacious interior, they provide a glamping experience like no other.  Indulge in the exceptional charm and comfort of a stylish travel trailer that makes a statement on every adventure.

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From Our Clients

We have only had five star reviews over the last 10 years customizing RV’s. Here are some examples from Google 

stars 5
I would honestly give James and Teri 10 stars if I could. I planted a seed of an idea for a mobile bar in James’ head and he came up with the most unique, well crafted side business for my family that’ll last for years to come. The best company I’ve worked with in my 6 years in Las Vegas. If you have an RV or an out of the box idea, your only stop should be at Aces. Hell of a job James and Teri!!
Steve Fitzpatrick

IT @ Ebay

stars 5

James and Teri at Ace of Spades are simply amazing at what they do. If you have a vision of what you want your RV to become, they will make it happen. Ace of Spades is more than just a repair shop like so many others at dealerships, they are professional and personal at the same time. You speak directly with Teri and/or James. They answer the phone, set up the appointments, listen to your vision and complete the work personally. They explain, educate, become a partner in your project. They are a perfect example of professionalism, true expert craftmanship, and fair pricing.

Joe and Linda Maneen

Retired Executives at IBM

stars 5

“In a nutshell, James and staff were professional, had high attention to detail, and, most importantly, embodied a high degree of integrity in their business practices & pricing. In the past, I have taken our coach to the leading RV repair & custom work locations in Las Vegas, and James has been hands-down the MOST knowledgeable & competent RV technician & craftsman I’ve encountered”

Rob Hdez

Retired Beverlyhills Police Officer

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