How it started

In 1972 I came into this world. Born into a time of social change, disco anthems, world upheaval and Star Wars. As a child paying outside in a big dirt pile with hot wheels consumed all of my time.

When inside I drew pictures and let my imagination play out in building with lego. Building and creating has always been in the forefront of my life, building tree forts, my own toys, modifying my bike and always building.

Being in the 70’s meant it was fine to jump on my bike in the morning and ride all day with complete freedom to make my own decisions, call my own shots and explore everything the world had to offer as long as I was home by dinner time. These were the best times filled with wonder.


My Teens 

In my early teens I was finally introduced to TV where I discovered PBS channel that changed my life. A little show called The New Yankee Workshop lit a fire in my soul. Watching with intent I somehow had a familiarity with every step of the process of building furniture.

I could anticipate every next step playing out before me like I had done it before. I found my natural aptitude.

At 14 years old I took my savings from working at my parents company and cutting lawns.

I invested in my first of many woodworking tools that I still proudly have and use to this day.  And so it began, I built pieces of furniture and crafts and sold them on my own and the entrepreneurial spirit was born. Below is James at 17 years old!

carpenter at 17
carpenter and cabinet

hrough my 20’s and many jobs I honed my skills and was known for doing custom building.

My first introduction to RVs was my neighbor who had a VW van that I helped turn into a camper. He was blown away with what I came up with in design, function and aesthetics.  With his constant persuasion he convinced me that this was my calling and began the next chapter in my life.


My Career

I got a job at a small RV dealership and apprenticed for four years in trade school (at the top of my class) including the job experience.

Into my first year I received a job to rebuild a trailer where a tree fell through it. Well, the cabinetry needed t be rebuilt from new and I said I could do it from my home shop. So I built it that night and installed it in the morning.

At work my service manager was taken aback at the quality, fit and finish and then asked me what else I could do to which I confidentially responded “Anything you want”.

In entered the general manager, the sales manager and then the sales people and so began the plan that if I could tweak any RV customers were interested in through sales I could customize to their specific needs. Well, what an opportunity!

So with that sales doubled as well as my workload. Not one to shy away from hard work I fulfilled the new position and the extra money I earned got reinvested into better tools and equipment.



As an apprentice it was always my goal to be self-employed and upon becoming a journeyman I made the leap and went out on my own.

Having my own customers gave me that meaningful connection and regard for doing what I do best, custom work.

Then 2008 happened next and reluctantly, I had to go back to working in a dealership.

Although a set back in my mind, I still never lost site of my goal. I used this as an opportunity to grow and really learnt the business.

At the dealership I saw and learned everything that was wrong in the industry and I knew I would just do the opposite because my own customers mean everything to me.

Finally, in 2015 an opportunity came up and I launched my new business. I also taught a series of classes to RV owners who then became my customers.

Things were good yet I felt my talents of customizing wasn’t being fully realized. There is a saying among successful business owners and it goes like this:

If you feel like you’re in your comfort zone you’re not growing and you need to step out of it. And boy, did I…


Our big move

In 2019 my wife and I made the bold decision to move from Canada (legally of course), pack up everything, all my tools and equipment, two chihuahuas, and move to Las Vegas.

And so began our new, best life. We are thrilled to serve all of our customers in Las Vegas and from many other states and give them our very best service, quality, and expertise as a Master Certified RV technician and Designer.

To the Great United States of America we thank you for opening your doors and hearts in welcoming us to your home and allowing us to serve you.


Respectfully,  James, Teri, Bolero and Bodhi 

rv tech finished job
a couple at bellagio
2 dogs